land dispute lawyer Sydney

A property dispute is a disagreement, conflict, or miscommunication centered on a real estate-related transaction. A local property debate can be the consequence of various issues between neighbors. Accordingly, there are various regulations that are appropriate to different issues. Bicksteele land dispute lawyers in Sydney are able to provide knowledgeable and comprehensive advice in these areas of the law. These disagreements may concern:

  • Industrial or commercial property
  • Real estate in the countryside or even undeveloped land

How can we help with property disputes for you?

Bicksteele’s property dispute lawyers in Sydney have a lot of experience and expertise in handling this fairly common property dispute. They highly esteem offering a top notch administration that will assist you with setting aside cash and time and are talented moderators. Most of our disagreements can be resolved through negotiations with the opposing attorney or client.

Understanding legal rights

The Bicksteele land dispute lawyers in Sydney can inform you of your legal rights and responsibilities and explain the numerous laws that apply to the case. Our land lawyers will powerfully address you while deciphering the every so often complex regulation. According to the property lawyers at Bicksteele, negotiations can resolve most real estate disputes. Developing a negotiation strategy that is best suited to your disagreement necessitates close attention. Communication, making settlement proposals, and meetings with clients and attorneys may all be part of the negotiation process. Sydney property dispute lawyers from Bicksteele can guide you through the process, prepare you for it, and represent you in court.

Does every project in Sydney require property development consent?

Consents for property development are a requirement for all types of construction in Sydney. Those who are new to the industry and first-time home builders, however, aren’t aware of who needs property development consents or what those consents entail. Although it’s expected that those who aren’t familiar with our industry won’t know anything, everyone involved in a project needs to be aware of property development consent Sydney.

What is permission for property development?

Property development consent Sydney does not apply to just one kind of application or consent process. One of the following methods can be used to get property development consent:

  • Development consent – approval from an entity with consent power (usually a council). Through a Development Application, this is obtained.
  • A complying development checklist is used to get a complying development certificate, which includes a construction certificate.

We at bicksteele are aware of the overwhelming nature of projects. For property owners, the property development consent Sydney procedure can be incredibly perplexing and nerve-racking on certain levels. Because of this, our staff will work with you to make sure the appropriate application procedures are followed. Our experts will carefully examine your project and submit an application that is sure to be approved, taking into account your future needs and aspirations for the property.