pallet racking inspection in Melbourne

Over 15,000 installations and over 75 years of experience are behind B&R Storage Systems in Australia. For every industry or business, we offer storage systems and services that set the bar for the industry, such as 3D designs, Australia-wide installations, delivery, and relocation. Whether you require assistance with designing a warehouse layout or pallet racking inspection in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, we can do it all. Did you know that pallet stacking requires routine 12-month inspections? Pallet racking installations of all sizes can receive inspections from B&R storage systems, providing you the ability to stay on top of the upkeep and security of your racking and brown built shelving.

Maintain standards by conducting routine inspections

Businesses must have their pallet racking assessed at least once every 12 months to guarantee that your pallet racking solutions adhere to Australian Standards AS-4084 for Steel Pallet Racking. The greatest approach to safeguard your staff, your goods, and your materials from the risks of faulty shelving and racking systems is by having regular pallet racking inspections in Melbourne. Our inspections give your company the knowledge it needs to monitor the consequences of regular operations.

As part of our inspections, we search for:

  • Indications of impact damage from forklifts and other machinery
  • Components that are compromised, displaced, or missing.
  • Warped or crooked pillars and beams
  • Degradation or corrosion

We help you in ensuring that the consistence parts of your bed racking and brown built shelving are all together, notwithstanding the general condition and workableness of your bed racking establishments.

For what reason to choose us to examine your inspection?

We are unparalleled as far as client administration. Our 60 years of skill serving organizations in various businesses is verification of our commitment to offering fast, effective arrangements. With beyond what 15,000 establishments all around Australia, you should rest assured that our group is proficient about the thing they’re doing. We support you the entire way through. From assisting you in creating a warehouse layout solution that is ideal for you, your space, and your requirements to assisting you with pallet racking inspection in Melbourne, our top-to-bottom service ensures that you can rely on one company to meet all of your requirements.

Sale of Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is a great investment because of its versatility. It is a great choice because of its design and durability, so you can use it in your home, shop, library, workshop, or storage facility to add more shelves. B&R Storage Systems only sells high-quality steel shelving, all of which comes from reputable and well-known manufacturers.

Your Perfect Storage Alternative

Steel shelving is strong and long-lasting, therefore it has a long lifespan. It is an excellent option for both residential and business environments because it is low-maintenance and unobtrusive. For a full package if you’re wanting to purchase steel storage shelves for use as business shelving, we also offer a variety of supplementary filing accessories and other pieces of gear.For further information please visit our website: