upholstered bed heads

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With the wide selection of bed heads & frames, you may design the bedroom of your dreams. You can design a serene, lovely space using objects that complement provincial, seaside, and contemporary themes.

Enhance your bed with some elegance and functionality.

Bed heads are really a misunderstood yet ideal method to add flair and practicality to your bedroom. A bed head may easily improve the design and attractiveness of your bedroom and is space-efficient. Bed heads serve to create a barrier that separates the front corners of the beds and the wall. These can shield the area between the foot of the couch and the side from dings and scratches, especially if there is unintentional movement or scratching. For people who enjoy relaxing upright in bed to read or watch TV, plush, fabric-upholstered bed heads might be especially excellent. They act as an excellent barrier between your back and the cosiness of the wall.

Select from a variety of our fabrics and upholstery options.

Our bed heads are available in a range of woods and upholsteries to match your room and your bed’s function. The fabric we use most frequently is perfectly fluffy and cosy with a gentle touch. These are necessary for people who enjoy sitting upright in bed, in order to read, write in a journal, or simply unwind after a hard day. They go well with a variety of bedroom decors. Comparable comfort is offered by the velvet-upholstered bed heads, but they have a more opulent texture and a look that is exclusive to the material. Try our rattan variety for a gorgeous feature if you don’t like your bedheads to be soft. These are ideal for coastal-themed events. bedrooms and will quickly make your space brighter.